Father’s Day and a Military Deployment

Three quick things:  Father’s Day is just about a month away and if you have a deployed-father in your life /now/ is the time to get shopping, boxing and shipping!  If you are looking for some care package ideas be sure to check this blog out:

Father’s Day from Afar:

A letter from our oldest, 14;

Some pictures from our 3 and 5 year older from their “Write from the Heart” books;

My 5 year old made a ‘dot to dot’ for Dad. I’m not sure it actually makes a picture – but he sure enjoyed doing it and that is what counts!;

A copy of my 5 year-old’s preschool “report card”;

Diego stickers. The 3 year old insisted on buying Diego stickers for Dad. Logical. So I put a little note on them that maybe he could attach them to the envelopes of letters he sends to us;
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These were some items I included in a package to my husband during his last deployment. What will you include this year?

Secondly, Stars and Stripes is at it again!

Stars and Stripes Father’s Day messages:
“Calling all moms and military-brats of deployed dads. Put down what you are doing and go to: Send your dad a Father’s Day message. I am sure it will make his day!” The deadline this year is 8 a.m. EDT June 2 and will appear in Stars and Stripes editions around the world.

And finally, I’ll leave you with a little feel-good article about two very important Dads in my life: ‘Fatherhood’

“I had the pleasure of reading a blog this morning on the DoD “Family Matters Blog”. It left me inspired, thankful, even a little wistful. It reminds me of the fact that parenthood doesn’t involve any sort of manual. Mothers, Fathers, we learned from our parents and we follow our heart. I will be the first to admit I have been blessed with some great men in my life; in particular, my dad and my husband.”  >> Continue Reading

– Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.combyUnknownonMonday, May 16, 2011Military Life:,,,,

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