Happy 10 Year Anniversary!

Hubs and I celebrated 10 years of marriage this past week.  Ten years!  That seems huge to me, in this age of short term relationships, marriages falling apart, rampant-divorce.  I can’t wait till we hit our 20 year anniversary and then our 30th, 40th, 50th but for now I can’t help but look back at the past ten and smile.

10 Random Facts:

  • Hubs and I danced to Susan Ashton’s Spinning Like A Wheel “This is good, and this is strong.  So hold to me and I’ll belong to you.”  Great lyrics to an unknown love song.
  • Hubs and I met at our mutual friends’ wedding in  October of 1996.  We didn’t see each other again till March 1997.  He says I totally blew him off at the wedding and figured he’d never see me again.  I really had no idea, no intention of blowing him off.  Sometimes quiet just means nervous, not snobby.
  • When we got married Hub’s son was seven.  I’ve known Josh since he was three and now he is seventeen.  What a handsome young man he has become.  I hope his three younger brothers follow his big foot-steps.
  • Hubs and I broke up so often while we were dating that it started to become rather ‘dramatic’ to those around us.  In fact, the last time we got back together I told him that I was not going to date him again for long.  We either get married or don’t get back together.  Yep, we got married :).
  • I can honestly say that Hubs deployment in 2008 brought us closer together.  The Lord works in mysterious ways.
  • My Hubs is Catholic.  He attends our Presbyterian church every week, goes to bible-study every Wednesday with our church friends, and is raising his family Protestant.  But if you ask him his religion he insists Catholic.  It is one facet of him I just don’t quite understand.  I guess we all have our own nuances.  (and by the way Christian is MUCH more important than Catholic or Protestant.  I just find it amusing(?) how strongly he holds on to that title.)
  • It has taken ten years but I did NOT get upset when he didn’t buy me a card for our anniversary.  I’ll never forget the first Mother’s Day that I didn’t get a gift.  (We were visiting my folks and he figured he would give it to me when we got home later that week.)  The whole area of gift giving has made both of us bend and stretch.
  • I hated the photographer at my wedding.  He appeared to be fighting the whole time with his wife, who was also his assistant.  But the pictures sure turned out well: Wedding Day Bliss… 9 years later
  • One of my favorite things to do with Hubs is hike.  I have the best memories of a little get-away we did just before he left for Iraq.  We hiked for two days (my definition of hiking).  Just getting outside and pounding the trail in the cool of the trees with my lover is an awesome way to spend an hour, a day, a weekend!
  • Marriage is hard work. There is nothing random about that! We’ve learned to fight.  We’ve learned to love.  We’ve learned to give and we have learned to take.  Everyday we learn a little bit more in each of those lessons, too. 

We have decided to take a few days away for ourselves in the next month since we were in DC combining a family vacation and the Military Bloggers Conference on our actual anniversary.  But Thursday night my parents babysat three of our boys and just Hubs and I headed to the Jefferson Memorial.  Time away.  I didn’t really want to go out to dinner.  That is something we can do any day. (and quite honestly I was exhausted!)  Walking for a bit around DC though sounded like an excellent way to spend the evening! 

The Jefferson was hoping with school tour groups (at nine at night!).  So after an initial viewing we decided to keep walking.  We found our way to the FDR Memorial.  It was beautiful!  Peaceful.  Quiet.  It is forever ingrained in my memory as a wonderful place to spend with the one I love.  We walked along the Potomac and circled back to the Jefferson and finally our car.  My feet were mad I was wearing sandals; I was tired; but it was the best night of our entire trip to DC.  Time with the love of my life is truly priceless!

– Leanne from
PS – I had major camera envy after meeting some bloggers this weekend with their /very cool/ cameras.  Hope you don’t mind my little point and click pictures, but I sure would LOVE a nice camera someday.  Maybe I’ll ask for one for my 20th anniversary ;)byUnknownonMonday, May 02, 2011Military Life:,,,,

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