It’s Not a Question Of Do They Get It

Summer is fast approaching, schools are closing, heat is rising, sports are triumphant… or winding down. Life in the home front is sweet. Routine does have it’s advantages especially with gas prices out the ceiling. Then the mail brings in high school open house invitations, wedding announcements, family reunion picnic plans. Most are from out of state, half are from out of time zone! But that desire to see Momma, hear Dad’s laughter, show off your youngsters and rest for a few moments being the child again at home sucks you in like a powerful vacuum cleaner!

Time has this funny way of trimming connections. Stronger ties develop with others, life’s important issues might not relate with your anchor strong childhood family. Truth is, we grow and relate differently after being out on our own.

Somehow the homestead house shrunk, the town’s fun spot just isn’t fun. The mall that had everything you could ever need… doesn’t.

Returning home 1978Years ago I took my 3 babies out to New Jersey to stay with Mom and Dad for a week. Dale had flown with us from overseas as far as Chicago to see his folks, and had burned his leave, so back to the Panama he went. I corralled my 3 under 5 through airports, changed planes, a diverted landing, due to weather at JFK and finally into my sister’s car. AHHHHHHHHHHH

Drove into the folks’ driveway where their lives were going on as normal… Hello? I’m home? Queen traveler has arrived! I brought my brood…

As they opened their home, they let me recognize, that I had my own home, I have my own life and it is no longer found without my husband. My children walked around as if in a museum, sitting, listening to stories, unfamiliar voices and smells. I loved seeing them there, but knew where we belonged.

Sharing time with aunts and cousins 2011We just had a similar going home adventure. This weekend had 2 weddings of great interest. One in Colorado (military friends), the other closer to home (cousins). We opted for Indiana. We sat and talked with aunts, uncles and cousins who still live in the same houses, towns and have children in same schools. They are deeply rooted together. We are considered: fascinating, interesting, almost amusing. We are bonded by blood, held close by prayers, intertwined by history but were ready to go back home.  Family pulls at the heart strings. Friends pump oxygen in the joy of life. Life is good when both are there to complete us!

Keep the lines open. Keep working it. Reunions are not the easiest times. But being home and lonely plays games in your head.

So, go back in time, go back to folks, places and interests.  Know that you have changed. Dynamics are wonderful… no one wants to be stagnant! Find out something new about your cousin, neighbor, co-worker.  Listen laugh and grow with it!byDeborahonTuesday, May 31, 2011Military Life:,

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