Final Days of the School Year

My boys are pumped!  *E* and *C*’s last day of school is Tuesday and today is their final Friday in 2nd grade and kindergarten.
Soon our routine will change.

We’ll spend more time outdoors.
     more time at the library,
          more time doing ‘summer jobs’.
               more time staying up later than we should.
                    more time with neighbors and friends, barbecues and sparklers.

I love summer vacation just about as much as my boys do!

Kindergarten has had an A-Z Countdown since the beginning of May.  Each day has been a letter and a theme.  For example, ‘H’ was hat day; ‘P’ was pajama day; today we are at ‘X’ and it is eXtra Day.  The calendar says Extra Recess, Extra Snack, Extra Fun!  Now seriously, who wouldn’t want to go to school on eXtra day?!

And my 2nd grader? Today is “dress as your favorite character from a book day”  Harry Potter went to school today.  Equipped with his Dad’s old glasses (coke bottles lenses taken out), a Harry Potter shirt from Grandma and a little scar on his forehead (he already has the messy hair to make it work).


Yes, my kids are thrilled that summer vacation is soon approaching… but there has been no dragging of the feet these past few days to get on the bus.  School can be fun!  Thanks to a great community that is willing to let the kids … be kids!

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