The Blackberry Patch

Beautiful Michigan Blackberries!
I think He understands and hears my prayers while in the patch.

This is a favorite time of the year for me! I enjoy spending time in our wild blackberry patch which is now at its peak! The blackberries were a gift that we found behind our woods the second year we arrived after that last PCS! It was number 18 move and we looked forward to being grounded for a bit and being close to family after 30 years of being “transients”. But … back to the berries!

We purchased a house that was placed on a hill overlooking the nearby river valley and deep in a woods. Deb insisted that we have land so we bought in the “country”. We explored around us the first year but the berry patch was a great discovery during the second year. Behind the woods, it sits on top of a pasture with a view of the “back 40” as we call it. I grew up in a family that raised and sold several kinds of berries for “vacation money”.  So I was no stranger to the berry patch. I also know their barbs can be very unfriendly but have mowed “paths” through the berries to help a bit.

Berries being prepped for freezer!I find the picking to be a time of quiet and solace! Memories flood me, emotions too sometimes when I remember laughing and horsing around with siblings while growing up! My dad was a fantastic example of hard work being a lifelong endeavor. Thanks Dad! I also find it a great time to chat with God! I think He understands and hears my prayers while in the patch.

The berries ripen in the last week of July and we pick them through early August. We freeze most for those winter time desserts and breakfast toppings! We found that we could enjoy them in our morning oatmeal!

Col K in “The Patch”

We try to eat healthy and our morning starts off year round with a bowl of 5 minute oatmeal! We cook the oatmeal and place some blackberries and peaches into it at the very end of the 5 minutes to make it tasty! Then we add cinnamon, a few walnuts and a teaspoon of brown sugar/splenda. Quite a treat and nice to having something we enjoy for a healthy kickoff for the day!

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