The Man-Bag

My son has a man-bag.

This sends me into fits of hysterics every time I think about it.

It all started out with a dad-and-son trip to Sports Clips.  You see, I am frugal.  We do our best to save around here where we can, when we can.  This way I can enjoy some of the ‘finer things in life’ with less guilt. (Like fulfilling my need to close the kitchen and eat out once in awhile.)  As my eight-year old starts to care more and more about ‘style’ my handy-dandy clippers are failing him.  (I’m sure it has everything to do with the clippers and nothing to do with my ability.  Just saying.)  I have tried to use scissors.  I have tried clippers and a comb.  None of it satisfied my *E*’s desire to sport a Justin Bieber look… despite *E’s* apparent disdain for JB.  Oh to be eight…

So Sunday afternoon *E* and Dad visited our local Sports Clips.  It just sounded like a good place for him to get his first real hair cut:

“SportClips is where men go to get their haircuts when they are looking for a good time in a relaxed sport themed experience.”
All he wanted was a simple haircut… but what he got (complimentary bonus as a very first time customer, I might add), “was Shampoo with invigorating scalp massage; Legendary Hot Steamed Towel ; Leave-in Conditioner; and a Relaxing Neck and Shoulder Massage”  (and I had to look all that up to make sure I got this manly-manly treatment right…)
Oh I wish I could convey in words his enthusiasm over that Hot Steamed Towel when he got home.  A bit orgasmic I’d say.  And the shampoo, “Mom, it TINGLED!”  And the neck-rub… as he rolls his eyes into his head… the neck-rub was to die for, apparently.
Right there I knew I was in trouble.

Later that evening he comes down the stairs with a bag in his hands.  “Mom, it is my ‘Man-Bag’.”

What in the world was in that shampoo, anyway!?

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