Staying Healthy: Get those endorphins going

Health experts call endorphins “feel-good hormones.”  Endorphins are natural chemicals released by the brain that improve your mood, relive pain, reduce stress, and produce an overall feeling of well being.  They also help you sleep better.  The easiest way to get your body to release endorphins is to exercise.  Even a moderate workout eases tension and improves mental and physical health.  More vigorous exercise really gets those endorphins going.  The positive effect of endorphins can last for several hours, according to some endocrinologists. – Feeling Good – 100 ways to feel better every day

Walking the Paul Henry Trail

It can’t be morning. The covers are still so comfy. Ohhh the pillow loves me. WHY is the radio playing now? And honey, I’m so sleepy.

Whoosh goes the blanket, my legs are shifted to the side of the bed and strong arms swoop me up. I’m awake! I’m on my feet. Amazing.

After the shuffle around the house, walking shoes tied, baseball cap on, and even my ‘anti-mosquito clip on’ blowing, we make it out the door.
Old Train Trestle over the Thornapple River
Good morning sunbeams! An announcement of another day, birds in chorus, rhythm of our feet churning on the driveway, we are off on a heart pumping, soul invigorating march to the river path.

Yes, life is good and we are starting another good living day!byLeanne KocsisonWednesday, July 27, 2011Military Life:,,

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