What a great week!

A dinner at one of my new favorite restaurants with the love of my life; a newly stained deck; a fresh coat of oil on my deck table; a cleaned out garage, with a year’s worth of dirt, power-washed out back to its natural habitat; barbecued shish-kebobs with grilled asparagus and fresh bread with dipping sauce, (Wow, a meal with no “ICK… I’m not eating this”); evening walks; some wonderful alone-time with hubs; and wine… a few bottles of wine over the course of the week.

It has been a great week!  First of all MAJOR PROPS to my mom and dad for hosting the annual Camp Grandpa!  The inaugural event was in June of 2009: “Next week is Camp Grandpa in Middleville! I am pretty excited about this first time event that we plan to make an annual one! We get to have 3 special young visitors for 4 days of fun with drop ins for younger ones!”– Camp Grandpa  This week I have so enjoyed pictures on Facebook from my Dad showing how much fun the boys are having; fishing, horse-back riding, art-making, stick-throwing, Grandpa, Grandma and cousin-time .  Talk about a wonder week for them!  But back to me…

“We did a lot of exhausting work this week, *L*.
Thank you, for ‘hanging-in’ there!  Love, Mom”The requirements for Camp Grandpa are you have to be potty-trained.  *L*, 11 months old is not quite there; imagine that.  So he missed out on the fun but he was a stellar helper around  the house this week.  I love having my 6 and 8 year old help get things done, too, but quite honestly I forgot how much easier it is when they aren’t helping!  (Oops, did I just say that?!)  So projects got done and Hubs admitted next year during Camp Grandpa he is going to take a day off of work so that he can help get things done during the day, as well.

I’m invigorated, rejuvenated, pleasantly surprised at how good it feels to get projects tackled.
Do you have too much to do around the house and not enough time, arms, or energy?  I know the feeling!  I am so thankful for “Camp Grandpa” as well as the support of my in-laws who live fairly close.  If you don’t have family nearby why not look to your military-family?  If you watch one family’s children for a day perhaps the following weekend they can return the favor.  Hire a teenage babysitter for the day.  If you are around it might be easier (and perhaps cheaper) to hire a younger teenage to watch the kids while you tackle away!  Think outside of the box and perhaps you will find how great it feels to just ‘get it done!’

– Leanne from

PS:  I ended up rolling paint on our deck with my 11month old on my back in his carrier.  I was SO worried that I was going to be in major pain the next day from the bending and lifting with him behind me.  I was so relieved the next day when I had no pain at all!  Here is a great article from Tricare about taking care of your back for the major summer projects that can dominate our summers: TRICARE Provides Tips on Maintaining a Healthy Back.byLeanne KocsisonFriday, July 01, 2011Military Life:,

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