Where’s Your Motivation?

Meet *C*.  He is my tender hearted, full of hugs, rough and tumble boy!  He worried me when he was a baby.  He couldn’t latch on or get anything from a bottle.  I met with a lactation consultant and I ended up pumping breast milk and then squirting it into his mouth through a tiny tube while he was ‘latched on’.  Now, he is the biggest of all my boys on the growth charts.

He didn’t start talking till way after the milestone “should have” been met.  We were instructed to see a speech-therapist who met with us, made note in his records and said in a couple years he may need therapy.  When words did start coming they flew… like wild-fire.

He just finished up kindergarten and his report card didn’t speak much of academics but said he was a great friend.  Conversations with the teacher throughout the year focused on how he spaced out quite a bit and top of the class? not by a long shot.  But just in these last few weeks I have seen this spark; a need to learn, and to read.

So I wasn’t very worried that at six-years old he still needed training wheels on his bike.  We’ve tried throughout the summer but he just had no balance.  At the same time I felt bad, because all of his neighbor friends were enjoying riding their bikes, racing, swerving, and carrying on, on our very quiet road.  They were like a gaggle of boys laughing and having a great time.  Except for *C*.

Yesterday morning I asked once again if he wanted to try his bike without his training wheels.  He lit up. “SURE!”  So I ran.

and ran.
and ran.

The minute I took my hand off his back he would tumble.  I told him I KNEW he could do this.  That he needed to keep peddling when I let go.  The faster you go the easier it is. etc etc. But after about 30 minutes of running I needed to stop.  For the first time though he wanted to leave the training wheels off.  We made a pact that we would practice every day and that he would have it mastered before school started.

That night Hubs and I had some errands to run and so left *C* with his older teenage brother, *J*.  We were gone for two hours and as I pulled into the driveway what did I see?  Amongst that gaggle of boys was *C*.  Riding his bike.  “Mom!, Mom!  I taught myself.  I can ride in the road with everyone now.”  He did it.  His motivation?  Riding with his friends!  I was so proud of him.

What is your motivation?  What gets you through PCSs, deployments, just the military way of life?  I love it when I can take simple life lessons from my own children and apply them to my every day life.  I hope I never forget the importance of getting back on the bike, not relying on anyone else (there is a time and a place) and just DOING IT.

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