Fall Projects and MilitaryAvenue’s 1,000th Blog Post Celebration

MilAve’s Deborah hard at work on an outdoor project! The end of summer for most military families is rapidly approaching as the kids get ready to go back to school and the summer PCS cycle ends. Summer leaves are quickly coming to an end but the home improvement projects never seem to end! How about the new home projects after a PCS or moving next year; need to get the house ready to rent or sell?

$100 Gift Card We are losing a group of trees to the ash bore around our house! Sadly, a huge tree holding a swing and a feature of our front yard is one of them. This tree is so big the branches are like normal sized trees. So we have decided to have a Labor Day Weekend get together to cut it down and make some firewood. It is going to be an all day project with lots of help from the family! I have a chainsaw but it is only 18 inches long so we are probably going to purchase a bigger one to make it easier. So we will be heading off to one of our home improvement stores to make purchases!

For your projects the MilitaryAvenue’s Celebration of 1,000 Blog Posts and Giveaway Extravaganza can help reduce some of the costs! We have two gift cards that you could use specifically for home improvement. The gift cards are $100 each from Home Depot and Sears. How do you win them? Easy as commenting on a blog! Go to our Celebration blog and tell us who you are (must be military or military family member) in a comment on the blog and you are entered! Hurry though; as the entry deadline is tomorrow night at 8 PM Eastern!  Over $1,000 in giveaways be sure to take a look today – in fact, do it right now!

$100 Gift Card Good luck with those fall projects and the Celebration Giveaway!byColonel KonWednesday, August 10, 2011Military Life:,

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