Stepping Out with Faith on a PCS

While moving books from one book shelf to another, there in the shadow of much larger tomes was a beloved book that I read and reread decades ago:  Psalms of My Life by Joseph Bayly.  The binding is broken and pages are yellow.  This little book traveled with me from college days to the present.  How fitting that when I took the book marker out, it was on #18, A Psalm on moving to take a new job. 
My goodness, Dale and I did that 18 times.  And 18 times I needed this page!
A Psalm on moving to take a new job  by Joseph Bayly

I take this step
in faith.
Faith that You
have confronted me
with this opening
Faith that You
have led me to accept
Faith that this change
will be a means
to greater holiness
and love
to You
for me
my wife
our children
that You will make me
able for this new work
so that I may add
in every way
to what You
are already doing
where I go
that You will care
for mother sister
friends needy ones
we leave behind
Faith that you will make me
creative in my work
and in the exercise
of other gifts
Faith that by this change
you will make
life and self we share
my wife’s and mine
and ours together
more real
more full
than it has been to now
Faith that this change
will bring much blessing
to each of our children
Faith in your promise
that when You put forth
Your own sheep
You go before them.
Lord I will not go
unless You do this.byDeborahon
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