10 Years Down the Road

Travel came to the forefront 10 years ago.  Hubs traveled home from an around the world hop and stop flight with different crews, different planes and at that time a different mission.  Friends drove out the gate of McChord AFB, drove down to SEATAC to fly off to attend seminars, visit family and find sunshine.  Little thought was made going in and out the gate of an installation other than the usual identification that needed to be in the car, and on the person.

As a child, I remember watching TV nonstop when JFK was assassinated.  The very word was mesmerizing.  TV anchormen were somber, music played all the time.  These were the days when TV channels signed off at night.  We lived right outside of NYC.  The biggest story Headline in my lifespan was, “Where were you when the lights went out in NYC?”  The media proclaimed that life would be different because of all of the children that would be born in 9 months.  They knew.

President Kennedy’s funeral changed the way we focused on television.  It took our emotions and as a nation let all grieve together, attend the funeral procession, see a toddler Patrick salute his Dad’s casket, watch and hear a horse clomp down the streets of Washington DC, enter the Rotunda and view the graveside service.  As a nation, we were stunned, quieted, and disturbed.

Just short of four decades later, 9/11 crackled our daily functions.  The television flipped on to CNN nonstop.  NYC was burning, smoldering and crumbling… people were fleeing for their lives… the plane went down in PA… finally the Pentagon took a plane.  The television was a mainstay of focus that September. 
Life on a military installation clamped down.  Fences were fortified, road blocks were adjusted, security was on the forefront.  Security was placed and handled with determination to be at the front line of all measures; of all thoughts, all actions.

This 10 years down the road has ‘smartened’ us into safe guarding our country, family and selves.  That’s a good thing… hard lesson, but worth the expense.  Today we are back to traveling, back to attending seminars, seeing family and seeking sunshine.   Our American spirit which values lives, liberty and the luxury of personal freedoms has not changed.  The road might have… a bit bumpy, a bit more expensive, but paved with our American history that cannot be forgotten.

Today, as we remember the lives that were lost, the ground that was blasted, the men and women who fight for our country.  Remember that we have the ability to work and worship.  The luxury to love and respect family.  Take pride in that which we have! 

These things we do, lest we forget.byDeborahonFriday, September 09, 2011Military Life:,,

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