Caring For Families is an Air Force Way of Life

Military life has a heart, a voice, and brains galore!  Family presence, once a background nuance has been raised to the top level of prominence.  Communication is the lifeline in this forceful body: in shape, in motion and in communion with all levels, ranks and backgrounds.  Every branch of service has it’s unique concept for hosting this life line: the Navy has the Ombudsmen and the Army has the FRSA.  The Air Force has their own new program: Key Spouses.
Programs come together, and on paper are workable.  Then… when real people enter and dedication, love of country, zeal for esprit de corps, Key Spouses zoom… Off the Key Spouses go into the wild blue.

Lt. General Darrell Jones presented with forthrightness USAF’s plan and accomplishments on family matters.  The Key Spouse program and the Caring for People Forum are forefront in carrying communication up and down the chains of command.  Caring is the core of USAF life. General Jones spoke from his heart, his voice resounded the respect he has for his people.  He let it be know that the brains of the program was the Air Force loving the Air Force.  True.

Photo credit (U.S. Air Force photo/Master Sgt. John E. Lasky) Life for young folks according to Gen. Jones can be categorized into simple wants and desires: good food, good Internet and a meaningful job.  Simple pleasures: life issues.  Simple truths.  The move to a new community brings the search for these items and can bring on some angst.  Enter someone who knows, one who cares and one who shares.  Volunteers work with and for their neighbors, the new folk, the old.  The airman’s spouse of all levels across the board participate in the Key Spouse Program therefore they own the program: fantastic!

The brains, the voice and the heart our future Air Force are working hard to contribute to the protection of the USAF family… a giant, huge mega-group of Americans.  This is a tribe of folk who can sing with fervor “Off we go into the Wild Blue Yonder”.   We are folks who stand for the flag, salute and sing the national anthem… now life is oh so good when you can stand next to someone who knows what it like to face similar circumstances.  AND a friend who can speak acronyms to boot: PCS, TDY, and USAF.

General Jones is a friend, a man of integrity with whom we served at McChord AFB, WA.  His accomplishments match this view and goals for the Air Force we all love.  He communicated with ease the pride of the personnel in our USAF.  We have leadership, talent, voices and hearts working overtime to protect the integrity of our country.  In the meantime, get out and visit the volunteer programs available.  There is always a need, always a blessing and always a benefit!byDeborahonThursday, September 22, 2011Military Life:,,

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