Friends: Partnerships in Growth, Understanding and Enjoyment of Life

ChiTown: city of lights; waterfront; museums; skyscrapers; fabulous food; frothing fountains; multiple museums and friends.  Chicago: bursting with art, star light, the philharmonic symphony pulsing in the park   The Loop rumbling with near mile wide highways, rumbling with trains and full of the drum of the ‘L’s”… a beautiful noise.  Overload of joy, memories, shopping and walking.

Long ago, and in a far away time… Dale and I went to college 20 miles north of the big city.  Too poor to travel into Chicago often, even though the intrigue of it called   We dreamed of knowing this city like our own.  We knew we wanted to stay on a cloud level room on Michigan Avenue where Buckingham fountain would bubble in our far vision.   Sailboats were ours to move around in our minds as they would appear as dots on the lake… because our room would be so high in the sky!  Oh reality… you are every ounce as good as a dream!   We did it.

And even better than that realization of fantasy life, was the addition of good friends.  Friends that ‘knew us when’ and still laugh with us.  Oh yes, this is living.  And to think it all could have drifted away, except for communication: Christmas cards, birth announcements, address changes… and then that wonderful addition of email, cell phone, twitter and Facebook.  One can just not stay out of touch!

Social media is a beauty to behold.  Some look at it as if such communication is painful, or intrusive.  Rather think of reaching out to your past, holding hands with a friend 3 time zones away.  Pictures fly on line.  Comments create bursting out loud incidents.  Keep it up!  Let an old friend into your everyday hum drum thought… they can mix it up like no body’s business!  Enjoy!byDeborahonMonday, September 05, 2011Military Life:,,,

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