A Moment Out of the Norm Cooking with GrandBrat

Her name is *E*.

She has eyes that shine, a mind that zooms, a sea of energy and a steel trap memory.  She is my grandbrat: child of my Brat.  Military kids pass on the zest of life and love of challenges.
*E* loves action and is at home in the kitchen.
After a trip to the farmer’s vegetable stand it was time to put up some tomatoes.   Every tomato was washed… 67 tomatoes… 78 gazillion gallons of water.

Step one: clean the sink.  Scoured and ready to go without a trace of anything left in the drain… good job.  Oh how affirmation is uplifting!  *E* tenderly sponged all tomatoes.   I stood next to her, skinned and seeded these red beauties, *E* kept them coming.

Dale and I have grandsons too… all swords, cars, and wrestling champs.  Cooking fits their lifestyle if it takes less than 3 minutes.  Do not press it… they used that whisk like Harry Potter’s wand, and batter has been washed off of the over head lights, in a flash the rubber scraper transformed into a baseball bat as grapes splattered the cabinets!

I know limitations, especially mine!

This tomato cleaning work built a hunger.  Total maternal instincts are in this little girl.  As the last tomato left the bowl and was put by my cutting board, her eyes found Burrr.   (That would be her bear.) Hungry!  Tired!  Thirsty!

Time to get lunch in full gear.  Eggs and fresh tomatoes with drinks all around.
Cooking with my grandbrats is the best.  Time spent together is priceless.

We leave a heritage an inheritance; not financial but love, trust, confidence that is imprinted in their spirit.  Familiarity in our home, ownership of the property in that they can roam, climb, dig in the refrigerator, somersault in the basement and or pick berries is of utmost importance to Dale and I.  These children know they are loved.  Know they have a safe haven.  Know they can laugh, cry and fall asleep in their grandparents care.

I see my parents eyes when I look into these youngsters.  Mine are shining right back at me too.  Children are a gift from God, precious, delicate souls needing leadership and care.  They will bloom where they are planted and be rooted in the heritage of strong family ties.

Cook up some more goodies *E*… I’m hungry too!byDeborahonWednesday, September 14, 2011Military Life:,,

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