The sweet feeling of accomplishment

You know that feeling when you put off a project, and put it off and put it off… and then you /finally/ get it done!? Ahhhhh… It is a joyous feeling.

I am miffed at myself for not taking a ‘before’ picture.  But who knew a couple hours of work would give me such a sense of accomplishment.

But picture this: BOXES of clothes from my sister-in-law and mother-in-law. Boxes stacked in the corner of his room (and not very neatly).  Some rummaged through, other boxes still closed. Hand me downs (some with tags still on them) for my 13-month old.  Clothes ranging in size from 18 months to 5T.  Summer clothes, winter clothes, in between clothes.  I will never have to buy clothes for *L*, ever.  Well, unless I get that impulse.  It happens, my husband doesn’t get it.  I digress.

Now take a look at this:

Ah.  The sweet feeling of accomplishment.
What is holding you back?  Time is a huge constraint for me.  A husband that works ridiculous hours (at least he’s not deployed, right?!), school age boys in sports (practices four nights a week, games twice a week), a baby that just started walking (and getting into all sorts of mischief), and a job I love taking a good 30 to 40 hours of my week.  Sure I have PLENTY of excuses.  But nothing beats this feeling of Done. Complete. Checked-off!

So excuse me.  I’ll be back, but I need to go find another project so I can keep my “proud of myself” meter full!

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