Writing One’s Own Check List

He is so punctual.  Life’s ticks are on the calendar.  The mileage is documented for the car. Emails are even spell checked before going to family members.  “If you are going to do it, do it right!”  He bends for others, dismisses gaffs that just up and happen, but his approach to his personal lifestyle: check list, counter check and move forward. My response: I couldn’t agree more, but let me do it faster, and I’ll check with it in a bit.

Today a glitch occurred.  An event entered the mix without being entered on the calendar.  Nothing prohibited it from being terrific, but someone important to Dale was left out, feelings hurt, a shock of frustration. 

My man felt it deeply.  Thought through the process, recognized how to avoid this in the future and did a page change on his imaginary check list.  I saw the pages fly in his eyes.   I remember changing pages for flight manuals all too often in our USAF days.

Now we are into the family business, again the best of the best working side by side (even though miles separate all of us).   I heard the communication open again through phone lines.  Always thinking, always generous with time and himself: my knight in shining flight suit.  A smooth running machine is set up for the next day.  Not a beat missed.

This is a life style to be mimicked.  I so appreciate Dale and his teachings.  He reaches out to those near, to those who drop an email, to phone calls that come in at the ‘wrong’ time… he is there.  Dale is known for his ability to communicate, appreciate, and gather intel.  Oh is such a fantastic place because of this gentleman!

Thanks for being there MilAve_Col_K!  Keep smiling… you  are making the world a better place!byDeborahonTuesday, September 06, 2011Military Life:,

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