Joining Forces Christmas Cards from Military Children

As you know I am all about military support!   I am the granddaughter of World War II Veterans, the daughter of an Air Force pilot and the wife of an Army Soldier.  Anytime I can instill pride in my children for these generations before them I do.

So I really love the idea behind Michelle Obama’s latest Joining Forces request.

The First Lady is asking military children from around the globe for some personal contributions to the finishing touches on the White House decorations this holiday season. The request is for military children to submit 5×8″ handmade holiday cards with words of appreciation for their military parents, as well as pictures and drawings. The White House will display as many of the cards as possible.

Participants are asked to send holiday cards to the following address along with information from where they are sending it by November 16, 2011:

Reservation 1
Attn: Social Office
PO Box 8070
Washington DC, 20032

Will you participate?  I can’t wait to sit around the kitchen table with the kids this weekend.  We’ll pull out the crayons, construction paper, stickers and more.  We’ll make hot chocolate, laugh, smile and maybe eat a cookie or two.  We’ll share how proud we are of dad, their grandfather, their great-grandfathers.  We’ll talk about the White House, how US military kids live all around the world.  It may be early to be thinking about Christmas but time with the family is always in season!

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