Some Pictures Cannot Be Seen: Breast Cancer Awareness

We sat in the back office my grandson and me
Both carefree and chatty as Grandma/grandson can be.
He looked at some pictures that sat on the wall
and asked if his Daddy was always so tall?

I showed him some pictures of Panama days
Then Texas, Illinois, Florida and New York’s growing phase
We gazed at the glaciers in Iceland and the cold…
Then he asked if Daddy was always so bald?

No, not true.Six years ago I was sick and in bed
A disease and medicine made the hair fall from my head
Your Daddy saw half of my head still had hair
And he asked if he could shave it and held me… oh dear!
When I was done, and back into bed for a rest
He shaved his brother and his head too!  I confessed

It scared me
That cancer
Could touch
My boys too.

Oh Jacob
I pray
This disease won’t touch you!byDeborahonWednesday, October 19, 2011Military Life:,

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