What a Pile of … Laundry

Motherhood. – Childhood. – Sometimes they just don’t fit hand in hand.
I did laundry on Monday – a basket full for each boy.

Last night (two days later) I am tucking my darlings into bed (E (9) and C (6) share a room) when I notice their dirty laundry basket, literally overflowing.  Two days of laundry?  I think not.  Is there clean laundry in there? You can count on it!

Sometimes I have a very hard time coming up with appropriate consequences for things my boys do that they should know better.  However, last night when I said “You have Friday off of school for a Teachers-Inservice Day and you two will be doing laundry.”  I wasn’t fooling.  They will wash, sort, fold and then put away.  Perhaps, (pretty please!) they will think twice about wearing pajamas only once before throwing them in their laundry basket; picking up a pair of shorts that fell out of their drawer (never warn) and thrown in the dirty laundry; thinking, “Eh, I don’t want to put the clean laundry away so I’ll just shuffle it over to the dirty laundry pile.”  Perhaps…

Ah the challenges of motherhood.  We will conquer this hurdle… or pile in this instance.

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