Calendars of the Season

Our calendars are there to remind us. Sometimes they say it is time for an appointment, or a vacation or maybe a weekend getaway. For military families they can mean the return of a loved one or the day they depart (hardest one maybe) for a mission or deployment. Today our little family calendar reminded us that 10 years ago today I had picked up a new brand new C-17 from the Boeing Long Beach California plant. It still had that brand new smell to it – like a car but without the leather.

We landed to a bit of fanfare at McChord AFB with each new C-17 but tail number 0178 was special for us. I had flown for most of the 30 years I served and later that last mission was into Afghanistan (yep another marked calendar event) but the new aircraft was a great way to look back at a calendar full of events.

US Air Force C-17 (US Air Force photo)Since then, I am sure that tail number has moved injured troops to a hospital; airdropped supplies to starving Afghan families; provided relief supplies to Haitians after their earthquake; equipment to Japan after their tsunami damaged nuclear reactors sent radioactive wastes into the water and air; took in the mail to US Embassies around the world or carried supplies for our troops engaged with enemies in locations not even in the news.

What does your calendar remind you of today or tomorrow? The holiday season is here and it is somewhat stressful for many but can you see your future? Probably not, but you can look back and see what the many blessings you have received in the past! God bless and have a great Christmas/Holiday season!

PS: Be sure to help out our Army family, the Ortegas who can have a special Christmas with your votes today! The Gift of GoodbyColonel KonWednesday, November 30, 2011Military Life:,,,

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