The Game of Life Has a Coach: Sister Elizabeth

Goals and principles, guidelines and pathways; no dice to roll or spinner to click but a level headed approach to an end game.  Those who enter the game plan of The Mission Continues come with heart in hand, a desire for direction and a dream to be attained.  Recovery from injury is not a cake walk.  The time it takes to heal is not laid out in blocks with an easy view to end.  But the desire to get in the game is real with each member of the group.  And each member has their own story, a true character and a real life.

Sister ElizabethLet’s get started!  Enter Sister Elizabeth, a novice with the Palatine Missions working with the Renewal Center in Florissant, Mo. and The Mission Continues. She is a USAF veteran.  Her leadership in The Mission Continues is to assist veterans who have applied for a fellowship.  These perspective fellows meet with Sister Elizabeth to answer the question “What do you want to do?”  Veterans are independent, discerning and want to be where they best fit.  Among veterans there is a bond, a common language and connections: a trust that unites and supports.

The first move of course is to enter the fellowship program.  Following that prospective fellows find a nonprofit organization to fit the dream.  When that is connected to the future fellow the heart beat of fellowship is online and pulsing forward.

Your move!  The playing field just got bigger.  More fellowships are waiting to be awarded, more opportunities to give back to the 1% of the population that gives 100% of themselves daily, a statistic that Tom Brokaw quoted last Saturday from the podium.  There are many wounded warriors arriving home everyday.  Many opportunities to enrich your life by giving.  Looking for the perfect place to reward those who walk in harm’s way… breath the fire… sleep on steel…run the risks?   Visit these success stories and donate.

Back to the coach.  Sister Elizabeth finds this work fulfilling, she gives direction to veterans, wishes every veteran could do this program.  Her eyes are wide and speak louder than her mouth.  Hands are soft, shoulders strong, she is directed and comes from a background that like the program was laid out with perfection!  First move: USAF passenger terminal.  She moved people around, got them to their appointed place.  Next, special education teacher instructing on an individual level those who have a disability.  Now she counsels veterans who have a prosthesis, scars, and/or PTSD.  She has arrived as the coach, not the mentor, but the one who reinforced the goals and principles of community.

The Mission Continues is about community.  Join with those who have served and support this endeavor.  It’s not a charity.  It’s a challenge.byDeborahonThursday, November 10, 2011Military Life:,,

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