Rustic Christmas Tree

I was browsing last month looking for an idea to use on Thanksgiving day.   Each year, after dinner the Moms and tots let the Christmas spirit enter our thoughts with a homemade project.  Simplicity is number one priority, as we are tired, full under the influence of a ton of turkey and boat loads of whipped cream.

Those who attend, sail to the table with languid interest, yet each expect to come out with a DaVinci masterpiece. 
But it is fun.  It is time to laugh at ourselves, try something new, pick through beads, choose twigs (that have been pre-drilled) and create a masterpiece… or at least something tangible.

And each year we love it.  Whatever ‘it’ is.  A new decoration is ours.

I love the  Love it and hate it… as I load information, am a tourist on each page, and spend time like it is water.  Too much fun for me to handle everyday!  If you haven’t been there… jump on it.  Ideas flow from this site.  Then, add your own so that others can share with you.byDeborahonMonday, November 28, 2011Military Life:,,

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