Attainable Goals and the Sky-Blue Hue of Celery

It started as a simple experiment.  My four-year old neighbor was over and she had never done the ‘celery experiment’.  Imagine that!  So I dug in my produce drawer and pulled out two stalks.  We put a piece in each cup and then added food dye to the water.  Red and blue.  We watched them through the day and we saw the change.  We noticed how the celery was drinking the water as the celery turned from green to a shade of the color of its water.  We talked about the importance of drinking and how, yes, even plants drink.  Her eyes were widened at this thought.  Then my mind started spinning as I looked at the celery and the very practical life application that was before me.

What are you filling your life with?


The celery in red-dyed water looked lifeless, wilted, drab.  What it was taking in was directly reflected in the mix of green (celery) and red (food-dye).  It was turning a dull brown.

What is making you feel drab and lifeless?  The ‘friends’ you surround yourself with? The piles of mess around the house? The food you put in your body?  The time spent on the internet instead of being in the presence of people?  The attitude of ‘woe is me’?

How can you change what goes into your life to reflect more of a beautiful sky-blue?  I was amazed at how much more becoming and appealing the mix of blue-food dye and green-celery was.  It reminded me of a cheery-disposition on a sunny cloud-free day. Lay out some goals today if you empathize more with the dull brown celery.  (Who knew we could empathize with celery?

Make some new friends.  Learn about groups in your area that will lift you up, that are up your alley.

Find space in your house to breath.  Declutter a cabinet, a drawer, a room.  Small attainable goals are very fulfilling.  Your house can transform one drawer, pile, room at a time.

Buy fresh fruits and vegetables each time you go to the grocery store to have on hand for snacks.  Offer fresh fruits and veggies as snacks before offering sugary sweets.  Do the same for yourself.  (Some great ideas can be found at, like, Tips to Help You Eat Vegetables)

Learn a new skill at a local Community College, on post Arts and Craft Center or at the Base Gym.  Take a computer class, a Zumba class, a pottery class.  What interests you?

Make attainable goals that compliment your life.  What you put in will be reflected outwardly as well!

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