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Spouses looking out for other spouses, Her War, Her Voice! has teamed up with Not Alone to combat military spouse suicide rates and to ensure there is a safe haven for quality help. Melissa and Christina of ‘Her War, Her Voice!’ continue groundbreaking holistic military spouse retreats, as well as Just Wait, a place where military spouses can empower, encourage, and inspire each other through their art and their stories.

Who do you turn to when you need help?  Make a plan because when you hit that pit – and I know that pit, I don’t know many milspouses that don’t – you need a plan already in place.  We are military-spouses and we are strong.  But we can’t do this alone.  Get involved in your community, make new friends, join groups like MOPS, chapel programs, community organizations, and when life seems to be crashing down around you reach out.

We can’t live this life. alone.  When your spouse has been deployed for more then half of the last ten years.  When your family lives across the country.  When your best-friend just PCSed around the world.  Who are you left with?  What is your plan?

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