Personal Goals

New Years Resolutions.  A yearly tradition.  A list we come up with to make us feel good, look good but easy to forget all about come March or April.

So instead of New Years Resolutions I have come with a list of Personal Goals.  I make them and keep them for my work-life at  It makes sense to do lay them out in my personal life; not just a way to make me feel better or look better but a means of lifting myself up.

These are five of my personal goals for this year:

1.  Stay in better touch with my grandparents.  Send Pop an email every week. Send a letter to Grandpa and Grandma every month.

2.  Bake less out of a box.  Make brownies and cakes from scratch.  Enjoy the time in the kitchen with the kids and away from the ding of the computer.

3.  Continue learning about gardening and build an even better garden this year.  We love pulling tomatoes, corn and carrots from the freezer that I grew in my own dirt (and the fruits of my father-in-laws labor as well).  I love knowing where the vegetables came from and the hard work that is behind them.  We eat healthier, don’t have to ‘diet’, and savor the moments around the kitchen table months and months after the harvest has been picked.

4.  Always have a book on my night-stand.  Reading, especially a good fiction book, is good for my imagination, makes me feel more fancy-free and more relaxed.  A good book reflects on so many aspects of life.  Now time to create a list of books I want to read.

5. Get organized!  There is a whole blog-post coming up about this one. But this is the goal that I am looking most forward to wrapping my head around.  It is going to be a great year!

What personal goals have you set for yourself?
– Leanne from
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