Cleaning your glass-range & inside your microwave (no elbow grease required)

…Don’t Judge…
I have to admit.  I do not enjoy cleaning.  I LOVE a clean house… but the actual process of cleaning?! BLECK!  However, this year’s goal has been to get
my house organized and for me part of that includes getting into a regular routine of straightening, maintenance and yes… cleaning.  So before I show you the before pictures of my range and microwave remember I’m trying, one foot in front of the other.  🙂

Before cleaning my glass-top range.
Yucky, yucky grease and burnt on yuckiness.
Before cleaning the inside of my microwave.
Tomato splatters everywhere.
Easy Baking Soda Scrub and Vinegar Wash

Start off with a hot-soapy bucket or bowl of water,
and add three dish towels to soak
Spread baking soda over your glass range-top
Wring your towels of water a bit.
You want them very wet but not drenched.
Spread towels over range as shown and let sit.
While your towels are resting on your range get
started on cleaning the inside of your microwave.
In a glass microwavable container combine 1/2
cup of water and 1/2 cup of vinegar. Nuke for 5
minutes. When it is done you can wipe down the
inside of your microwave with a wet washcloth.
No scrubbing required.

NASTY!  This is just an idea of how much dirt the baking soda
picked up from my range.  (Again, no elbow grease required.)
When you are done with your microwave wash your range with the
towels and follow it up with a clean washcloth. You can use that
washcloth (not quite as clean anymore but with some baking soda
residue) to wash down the panel of your range as well.  There will
be some Baking Soda residue when your range has completely
dried. Simply take a damp (not wet) washcloth and
wipe it down.

Okay, now it’s time to celebrate!  Here come the after pictures.  This task has been officially added to my calendar.  Of course we will continue to wipe down our range and microwave after use but a good baking soda (range) / vinegar (microwave) scrubbing is a monthly affair.

Behold the power of Baking Soda.
Behold the power of vinegar! 

I love happy endings!

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