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I just ran across a video that I had to share with you.  It is about 9 minutes long but it is going to suck you in.  Go ahead watch it.  I’ll be right here waiting:

Wow! Half an hour of walking a day has all that health-benefit?!  This isn’t really rocket-science, folks.  In fact, to make it personal I struggled with gestational diabetes while pregnant with my youngest son.  The food didn’t impact my sugar-levels as much as the exercise.  It was all about getting up and burning the sugar.

If I didn’t get up and /move/ around every couple of hours (notice I didn’t say lace up my running shoes, put on my zumba pants, work up a sweat, run a triathlon, all I said was move) my blood sugar would sky rocket.  I found that 30 minutes in the morning in the garden (one of the many reasons I LOVE to garden is the exercise); 30 minutes of vacuuming, laundry, dusting, chasing boys in the afternoon; and then 30 minutes walking around the block in the evening at a leisurely pace with the love my life kept my blood-sugar well in check.
This was no exercise-routine.  This was life!  What are you doing to burn the sugar? Keep your heart healthy? Decrease your blood-pressure? Decrease pain? Decrease depression? Decrease anxiety? Maybe even lose a few pounds here and there? Increase your quality of life?

Just do something!
Leanne from
PS: Looking for more helpful health hints? Healthy Living – a great collaboration of ideas to stay whole body healthy

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