Troopons – Coupons for Troops

I support Troopons: Coupons for Troops Have you heard of Troopons?  This is a great opportunity for those of us that live CONUS to support our fellow military-families that are overseas.  All you do is clip coupons that you won’t need, or send coupons that are about to expire to this small-business and they will send them to those that can use them.

“Commissaries located in foreign overseas areas accept coupons up to six months after the expiration date stated on a coupon.” – Do commissaries accept coupons?  Troopons is an easy way to help extend the dollar to those military-families that can use it.  What a fantastic idea!

There are certain restrictions, for instance Troopons can’t accept food stamps or store-coupons but you can learn more at their site.  All of the rules and restrictions are spelled out nicely:  Troopons – Coupons for Troops.

Happy clipping!

– Leanne from

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