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There is no doubt about it. Military children are strong, resilient, and adaptable.  But it can be a very stressful lifestyle and when there are resources that can help transitions, PCSs or deployments just a little easier it is important to share them.  Here are 10 of our favorite resources out there for your family.  Military Family Support is what we are about!

5 great resources for your military child going through deployment:

‘We can be together when we are apart’: Some easy ways for babies and toddlers to stay connected from Zero to Three when a loved one is deployed
Ideas for Children While your Loved One is Deployed: Here are some ways author Karen Petty, Deployment Strategies for Working with Kids in Military Families, suggests parents and kids can stay connected with their loved ones while deployed.
MilKidz Club from Blue Star Families is like a wing man for every single military child. MilKidz Club is all about cool events, free tickets, and tons of other happenings that all show our military children some well-deserved appreciation.

Create a Flat Daddy (or Mommy!) for your family to feel like your soldier, sailor, marine, airman or coastie is with you even when they are thousands of miles and oceans apart.  [Although they won’t be very conversational ;).]

Military Families Near and Far:  A place where your family can create, communicate, and stay connected from Sesame Street and the Electric Company.  Music, Art and more!  This is a great tool.

5 more great resources for your military child PCSing to a new home:

The DoD hosted Military Kids Connect site lets military kids connect with each other in a safe online environment and share their experiences.  There are also some great resources for Parents and Educators.
Those First Day of School Anxieties: Elaine Wilson from the American Forces Press Service had a few more good tips in “Tips Ease Transition to New School”.
Supporting Your Babies and Toddlers Through Relocation: A simple pamphlet from Zero to Three with ideas to make your move smoother for the youngest members of your family.

Free Tutoring when your child needs it: Sometimes after a PCS it can be hard to get on the same ‘page’ as the rest of the students at your new school.  Get help from a professional tutor anytime you need it at Tutors are online 24/7 and available to help in more than 16 subjects. 
Keep in Touch after a PCS:  Families soon learn how the demands and excitement of a PCS can challenge relationships with family and friends at previous locations. Here are some ways you can stay connected with long-distance loved ones.

What are you some of your favorite resources for our Military Children?  Be sure to share them with us and all of our military family readers.  (We love comments!)
– Leanne from 

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