You know you are a military-brat when…

April is Month of the Military Child and we have some fantastic give-aways lined up from businesses around the nation that support /you/ the military family.  We will have one question for each week.  Leave an answer as a comment on this blog and you are elgible to win.

Our question of the week:“You know you are a military-brat when …”
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Look at the military children around you, your own children, maybe even yourself (even at 38 years old I still am a Military-brat through and through).  What makes them (or you) uniquely part of the military-community?

I’ll go first:  I know I am a military brat because I am constantly moving the furniture around.  It is as if because we aren’t PCSing or moving I have to change my surroundings.  It drives hubs /crazy/!   Sometimes (when I’m not feeling as strong, I suppose) it is not so much the furniture as to where I keep things in the kitchen-cabinets.  He’ll go looking for a can of tuna and find all the spices.  Or he’ll open up a drawer to grab a spoon and find the pot holders.  I sometimes wonder if I’m in need of an intervention of some sort… but I digress.

Now for my own children, also Military Brats: I know they are military-brats because of their pride in the Red, White and Blue.  When the National Anthem is playing no one has to tell them to be quiet.  No one has to tell them to stop fidgeting.  They stand.  They are respectful.  They take off their ball cap.  They know that those colors are worth fighting for and have said good bye to their dad a few times so that he can go ‘do his Army job’.

Now it is your turn, leave a comment with your answer. We will compile the best of the answers and post a blog next week with some witty, true and endearing ways Military Brats are the heart of America.

The randomly selected winner from today’s blog-post will receive a $25 Gift Certificate from:

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Some Housekeeping:

One entry per military-family per blog-post, please.  But feel free to share more than one answer!  PLEASE leave a way for us to contact you if you are the winner.  You can either leave your email address in your comment or send me your email address ( (Let me know which comment is yours.)  We will draw a winner on Saturday, April 7th 10:00am EST.  We need to hear back from our winner before Wednesday, April 11th  10:00am EST or we will select an alternate winner.

There may be several different gifts each week but each blog announcing a gift for that particular week will present the same question. You can post an answer to each blog-post and therefore have more then one chance to win.  You are only eligible ONE TIME for each gift.  As an example, leave an answer here, then come back in a couple of days and leave an answer at our new blog post announcing a new giveaway.  You have answered the same question twice but only once for each gift / blog-post.

BONUS Entry: Each Friday we will compare all of our cummulative-entries with our database of Military Family Newsletter subscribers (based on your email address).  If you are a subscriber you will be entered in our Gift Card giveaway from Sitter City, a $20 gift card to a national retailer Wal*Mart.  If you haven’t subscribed do it today! The earlier you enter by leaving a comment the more chances you have of winning.  We’ll blog more about this giveaway soon.

Good Luck!

– Leanne from

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