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I come from a long line of great military-spouses!  Both of my grandfathers served in the US Army during World War II.  My father was an Air Force pilot for 30 years.  Now my husband is with the Ohio Army National Guard.

Military-wives, in particular, have always been part of my world.  They were the aunts in my life when my mom’s and dad’s sisters lived so far away.  They were the teachers in the DoD schools I attended.  They were the laughter I would hear coming from my own mom’s soul when she was with her best of friends.

So here I am a military-spouse in my own right.  The oak tree in the back yard that towers 12-feet high when it started out as less then a foot when we moved in to our first home as newlyweds.  That oak tree represents 11 years of living in the same house!  11 years of roots.  Clearly, I am not an active duty spouse.  But I have said goodbye to my husband as he deployed to Iraq.  I have spent weekend after weekend, week after week without him as he helped troops deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan.  I have advocated, educated and represented the military family in our non-military community.

My own boys, aged 18, 9, 7 and 21-months (he’s our post-deployment oops baby) are proud military-brats.   My 18 year old talks very seriously about joining the Army Nurse Corps after college.  His spouse is our future generation of Military-Spouses.  I don’t know who she is yet but I pray for her every day and those that will walk along side her.   I pray for her strength, courage and perseverance.

To each of our military-spouses, past, present & future, I wish you a very Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

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