‘Muffins for Mom’ and the Super-Teacher

This morning I had the distinct pleasure of joining my 1st grader in his class room for ‘Muffins for Mom’. A Mother’s Day celebration with his classmates. What an honor!  We walked down the hall hand in hand before the school day started.

We enjoyed muffins and juice (my juice of choice was coffee), artwork and tic tac toe, smiles and hugs.  A mother could not ask for a better way to start the day!

Let me tell you about Mrs G, C’s first grade teacher, a beautiful example of a teacher there to help her students shine.  Before the first grade year started an acquaintance and I were at the park talking.  She learned that C had the same teacher her son had a couple of years ago and started down a long steep dark path about how we should REALLY try to get a different teacher.  She was not pleased with Mrs G. at all.  The reasons she gave concerned us.

Through C’s first years of school he had somehow fallen into the cracks.  We weren’t impressed with his preschool teacher.  We weren’t impressed with his kindergarten teacher.  C was quiet, shy and eager to please but if he can’t please you he gets frustrated, and very down. (Who doesn’t?!)  Each of his prior teachers had told us he really seemed slower then most of the other kids in his class.  He was not excelling.  He needed to improve.  Yet, they weren’t really helping him to shine in his own right either, instead they had somehow dug him into a hole.  So we were concerned that this was going to happen with his third teacher.

My husband talked with the principal.  She wasn’t budging.  Mrs G was his assigned teacher and there was no reason to move him.  So we watched him.  We were on high alert!

Let me tell you about C’s school year.  He has EXCELLED!  He went from barely reading picture books to reading chapter books.  He is so proud of his penmanship.  He finds joy in learning.  He loves to tell me about his day and what he learned and who he learned it with.  Mrs G is like a super-hero in his book.  She sees something in him, rightly so, that others have missed.  She deserves the title “Teacher”.  Thank you, Mrs G. for all you have done.

In many ways, today’s Muffins for Moms wasn’t about Mom and C in my book.  It was about the people in his life that have and will have a very positive impact.  Thank you Mrs G for the star that you see in my son and helping him shine!

– Leanne from

PS:  Something to think about: When you hear something negative about someone, some place, something do you take it with a grain of salt, or ingest it whole?
One person’s experience doesn’t have to be the same as yours!
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