Summer 2012 Bucket List

Summer Vacation is soon upon us.  A time of year I LOVE!  The lack of routine is so refreshing but amazingly enough becomes a little old after only a few weeks (and depending on the moment, sometimes only after a few days).

So this summer my boys and I have created a ‘Bucket List’.  Things we all want to do in the course of our lazy-days of summer.  Somethings are things I want to do as a family.  Some things are dreams.  Others are already being planned.  This is our list of plans, ideas and joys for the summer:

  1. Ride our Bike to Tasty Freeze
  2. Have a backyard game of kickball
  3. Catch fireflies
  4. Have Small Group over for a cook out
  5. Change Rooms (My 7 & 9 year old are ready to be separated so we have to figure out the whole room switch thing.  Four kids and four bedrooms can be a bit tricky)
  6. Dance at 10pm with sparklers
  7. Have a 10 minute Dance Party
  8. Blow Bubbles
  9. Camp in a tent
  10. Make homemade ice cream
  11. Read a new book
  12. Ride our bike to the library
  13. Go fishing
  14. Play in the new playground at the Kindergarten building
  15. Make s’mores
  16. Visit our Zoo
  17. Paint front door trim and side door trim
  18. Pick blackberries at Grandpa Kissinger’s house
  19. Ride a Rollercoaster
  20. Eat corn on the cob from the grill
  21. Watch fireworks
  22. Take a picture a day of something fun and spontaneous
  23. Paint the kitchen bar-stools
  24. Pick corn from Grandpa Kocsis’ garden
  25. Try a new type of food
  26. Plan and make your favorite meal
  27. Color pictures to send to Grandparents
  28. Have a pajama day
  29. Clean up our book shelves
  30. Donate unused toys to Goodwill
  31. Make ice-slushies
  32. Have shish-ka-bobs for dinner
  33. Have a backyard party in the pool
  34. Eat watermelon and have a seed spitting contest
  35. Enjoy a root beer float
  36. Water balloon fight!
  37. Memorize a new Shel Silverstein poem
  38. Take a walk at French Creek Park
  39. Visit Millers Preserve
  40. Lie in the grass and look at the clouds
  41. Make Flubber
  42. Sign up for a Summer Reading Program at the local library (MWR Libraries urge families to bring their appetites because this summer, “Reading is so Delicious!”
  43. Cut a vase of flowers for Mom
  44. Make a salad out of our garden produce
  45. Catch a butterfly and then let him go
  46. Enjoy a Crushers Game
  47. Learn a word in a different language
  48. Climb a tree
  49. Go to an Indians Game
  50. Invite friends over for lunch on the deck
  51. … to be continued

I’m not done … but this is what we have so far.  When I hear an ‘I’m Bored’ this summer I can say, “Let’s Look at our Bucket List” and see if there is something there we can do.  They won’t all get done.  But it will fun to think about them all.

The one major thing I need to manage is DS / iPad / wii / computer time.  My 9 year old especially can EASILY spend four hours plus playing computer games (I had a little experiment one Saturday to see if he could ‘self-regulate’ his screen time.  Big failure.) 

This year Summer Workbooks and Summer Job time will each have a reward.  After they do their worksheet they will gain two marbles, summer job completion will also give them two marbles.    Each marble is worth 15 minutes of screen time.  They can save them up or use them each day.  If they want more time they can read a book for 30 minutes for an additional marble.  If they don’t feel like summer workbooks or jobs they don’t have to do them.  But then there is no reward!  I think know it is going to work.  (Ah the power of positive thought!)

What is on your bucket list this summer?  How do you keep the kids happy, busy and ‘unscheduled’ all at the same time?  Summer Vacation, my favorite future thought!  With a little planning, a lot of flexibility and smiles galaore it is going to be a great one!

– Leanne from 

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