The Marines Invaded Cleveland

and the people loved them.

The people of Cleveland were in for a treat this past week. It was Marine Week! 800 Marines came to town to give the people of northeast Ohio a small taste of “OORAH!”

My boys climbed inside an amphibious assault vehicle.  They tried on a helmet.  They felt the weight of a vest.  They climbed up onto the gunner’s turret and sat in the driver’s seat as well.  They were amazed that this “tank” could go on land and in water.

We watched the Marine Corp Band based out of Quantico perform right outside of Progressive Field, home of the Cleveland Indians  We sang along to some great music, tapped our foot to the beat and enjoyed the men in uniform behind their drums, bass guitars and microphone.  I was brought back to my own childhood, reminded of the great and very professional entertainment our US Military has provided through the years.

I come from a rich military heritage, my dad is a veteran after 30 years in the Air Force.  My husband is in the Ohio Army National Guard with prior service in the Marine Corps.  My children see my husband in his ACUs three or four times a month and understand the word “Pride in our military”.  But most other people from the area don’t have the exposure our family does.  This week was a great opportunity to showcase what our military is capable of.

What was amazing as well was the comments in the different news articles online. People are talking about their experience and they are, of course, positive because our Marines do not disappoint:

“This is really going to be cool stuff around downtown all week. This week will be very memorable.” – Marine Week Cleveland: Where to go and how to experience two centuries of military tradition

“Thanks for coming Marines; it was an awesome week in Cleveland Ohio.” – Silent Drill Platoon caps Marine Week Cleveland with a quiet flourish

“This is very important to Cleveland because it allows the citizens to understand how the military operates and puts real Marines in front of Clevelanders – many who have not ever interacted with the military.” – Welcome to Cleveland, Marines: editorial

“Simply awesome! The Marine Corps are a class act! Semper Fi” – Marines simulate an amphibious assault


Thank you, United States Marines for giving your best to impress my hometown.  You made this Air Force Brat, Army Wife very proud!

– Leanne from

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