Summer Camp

I had NO IDEA it would be this hard to let go.

This past Sunday Hubs and I dropped *E*, 9 years old, off at his first week-long, without his Mom, Summer Camp.  EGADS!  (That’s me biting at my nails, my belly doing flip-flops everytime I think about what he might be doing at that very moment.)

*E* was a little nervous on the way there, a three hour drive from home.  But he popped in his favorite DVD and multi-tasked with a game on the iPad for the 200 miles we were on the road.  It was a great attention diverter.

When we got there the camp was ALIVE with youth.  Youth workers and youth campers alike.  It made my heart smile.  The walkways were dirt, the cabins had no windows, just screens.  The outdoor pavilion was huge and READY for kids-club (evening fun and worship) that night.  The fresh campers were abuzz and the leaders were directing folks where to go.  I saw hugs of reunion and hugs of goodbye.  It was an exciting place to be!

We said our goodbyes to the boy who was just a baby, then toddler & preschooler just a few days ago, I swear.   We left our *E* with hugs, smiles and “I love you!”  As I walked out of the cabin he was already peering into his cabin-mates bunk to see what he was up to.  Back in the car Dad and Mom went.

Can I tell you what a nervous wreck I have been ALL WEEK!? 

I keep checking the camp’s flickr account for new pictures.  I’ve printed out their typical schedule and thought, “Right now *E* is probably (fill in the blank).”  It soothes my mind to have just a glimpse of what he is doing; knowing he is busy, laughing, making friends, being a 9 year old boy!

How about you?  Did you do camp as a child?  Do you send your kids to camp each summer?  It is a great experience!  Operation Purple had a great program for our military families.  If you missed it, watch for it next year. 

I can’t wait to hear how *E*’s first time away on his own went when I pick him up this Saturday (because I’m not holding my breath, waiting for that stationary that was packed in his suitcase to be used for a letter to his poor-momma J).

Getting ready to say good-bye for a week!
So much excitment, a little trepedation, but
mostly “MOM! Do you need to take a picture”
wrapped up in one photo.
– Leanne from

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