Who Ate My Muffin?

Yesterday started out as ‘one of those days’.  I got up before the crack of dawn 8am but my boys were already up and moving.  So I get up, get moving and am bombarded with requests… “Mom I need breakfast, Mom I can’t find socks, Mom my brother hit me, MOM!!!!!” 

All before I have wiped the sleep from my eyes.
All before I have time to say “Good Morning, joys of my life.”

Most importantly, all before I have had a sip of coffee.

Ah the struggles of motherhood.

I really had to laugh at this rendition of “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie” (shared with me by a friend on Facebook).  Because it is so me.  Hubs will come home quite often.  Take a look at the house.  Wonder out loud, “What in the weed of world did you do today?”

How do you manage your time as a mom?  I have resolved to set my alarm, even during this glorious summer vacation.  Thirty minutes before the kids get up is such a welcomed way to get the day going.  Small jobs finished (including downing a cup of coffee without losing it! Amazing!)  Any tips or tricks for the seasoned moms (like me) or the new moms (like I was not so long ago).

– Leanne from

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