Congratulations to the 2012 FINRA Military Spouse Fellows!

This is a flash news announcement!   Congratulations to 50 military spouses!

The team at MilitaryAvenue has talked frequently about military spouse employment and training opportunities, provides resources for our military community and when we see something that is helpful we are eager to share it. So here goes…

Since 2006 fellowships have awarded to 1,200 military spouses!This is truly a success story for fifty military spouses! Yep that is five zero! All 50 have been selected to participate in the FINRA Investor Education Foundation’s 2012 Military Spouse Fellowship. MilitaryAvenue interviewed the President of the Foundation, Ms Gerri Walsh in May and wrote about the Foundation’s efforts to help military families with their finances in an earlier blog, “Help for your PCS Finances!”

More about the FINRA Military Spouse Fellows…

We also interviewed a military spouse who had been a fellow in a previous class, Mitchia (Shay) D. Tull-Cook. Shay talked to me about her experiences after she was accepted into the FINRA financial internship program for military spouses and what it led her into after her training (“A Military Spouse Who Cares about the Finances of Military Families – Why She Recommends the FINRA Internship”). You could feel her excitement as it vibrated through the phone and her very real concern for the military families she was able to help!

But this is actually a great story for all of the military community because the FINRA military fellows are spread throughout the world and will receive extensive training and will be there to help you on your local base, post, camp or station! According to FINRA the spouses “…have logged hundreds of thousands of hours of service back to the military community.” You can find more information about the fellowship program on MilitaryAvenue or at the not for profit! Since 2006 fellowships have awarded to nearly 1,200 military spouses! Stay tuned for next year’s announcement and maybe you can join the team?

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