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Did you know that deployed it takes about 45 days for deployed military personnel and military & families stationed overseas to register to vote absentee, receive their ballot and mail it back in?  That means that they have until September 23rd to request their absentee ballot.  If they register after September 23rd the deployed solider very likely will not receive an absentee ballot to vote in the November 6th general election.   These are the people that are fighting every day for the American people.  Defending our rights of freedom, choice, and opinion.   It only seems right that we do our part to ensure they get the right to vote.

Deployed personnel must fill out the Federal Post Card Application Form (SF-76) and should contact their installation voting assistance officer for more information. To get contact information for the nearest voting officer, please visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program’s contact information tool at

If you are stationed away from your place of registration, or to get further assistance in obtaining an absentee ballot for military personnel or overseas US citizens, please visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program online at

If you are currently deployed, have a friend or family member that is deployed, or know of someone with connections to active duty personnel, please make them aware of this deadline and encourage them to get a ballot. Let’s ensure that our service-members, who fight for our democratic process, are able to vote in this important election.

It seems there are quite a few different deadlines out there but regardless, if you are going to request an absentee ballot don’t delay. Do it today!

Some more articles about voting:

 Voting is one of those rights I feel very strongly about as a proud American. Learn more. Empower yourself. Don’t use lack of knowledge as an excuse for not exercising this most basic right of an American.  Request your absentee ballot today:

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