Why did NBC not Support America on 9/11?

I usually do not write when I am angry but this was wrong.  Our nation was supporting the survivors of 9/11,  victims of 9/11, first responders and the military community that has fought for 11 years since the attacks in 2001.  This was not a political issue, it was a national issue and every media except the Today Show on NBC observed the moment of silence from the White House to Ground Zero New York and locations around the world. 

What program director made that decision?  While it will not affect my choice of TV programs because I generally do not watch NBC, it left a real bad taste in my mouth for future choices.  Are their advertisers seeking other venues?  There is even a twitter hashtag – #NBCFail that is from former programming failures (Olympics) but has been revitalized as Americans respond to this negligence on NBC’s part.

How do you feel?  Does this lack of support from a major network reflect other issues that impact the morale of the troops, their families and wounded warriors?  I think it does but trying to not be reactive but more like amazed. 

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