“Mission: Transition” is October 27th!

Every once in a while I get really excited about something that is going to be helpful for or assist our troops and their families in a unique and special way. The Home Depot just announced “Mission: Transition” which will help the military community with their job search! Not just jobs at Home Depot but skills and tools for a veteran in transition and looking for civilian employment with any business.

Photo Credit:  Home Depot – See below A big date! On October 27th, Saturday, the Home Depot will provide veterans with training at more than 100 locations. The training will include resume ideas, interview tips and other transition topics. The slots are open to any member of the military or veteran but are limited!  “Mission: Transition” has a state by state locator for the class nearest to you. As an example, I found 4 sites in Michigan that had classes including a store near us in Grand Rapids at 4646 28th St SE.   Continue reading for how to find a location near you.

Each store/location has a specific capacity for “Mission: Transition”.

So sign up today at
before your best location is filled!
While doing some research on the “Mission: Transition”, I found a very helpful military skill translator in their Military Commitment section of the website! I had to get into it and play with it to see where I would fit. It provided some great ideas for civilian jobs that match military skills. You can put in an MOS/AFSC/Rating or Job Title and it will help you find an equivalent or series of equivalent civilian jobs. Interested? Just go to the Military Skills Translator Tool and give it a shot!

There is a lot of information available to you! Again, don’t miss out on this one – October 27th is a little more than 2 weeks away – remember “Mission: Transition” is free and the professionals at Home Depot want to help you! I think they deserve a big shout out or an appropriate Hooyah, Hoorah, Oorah, Hooah from all of us!

PS: If you do twitter, put in or the hashmark #COS2012 in your search to find out more great information concerning veteran support from this great company!

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Col K is a retired Air Force pilot who served with the best of the military community from the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Air Force.  He flew combat rescue and special operations helicopters, fixed wing trainers and airlift and retired while flying the C-17 as the Vice Wing Commander of the 62nd Airlift Wing at McChord AFB.  He enjoys writing about military issues and is a frequent contributor to the the DoD Blogger Roundtable at DoDLive.  A member of a proud military family that created to support the troops and their families, he appreciates the continued military ties from blogging.  

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