I am constantly reminded how things change through the years.  Computers and Internet have changed communication, from hand written letters of many years ago to nightly Skype conversations with soldiers and children, airman and wives, marines and husbands, sailors and moms, coasties and dads (and any of that mix you can imagine).

This Christmas season I am so happy to have our family whole but we are still glued to the computer.  There are two new loves.  (Don’t get me wrong: family is more important then these fun tools.  However, you can certainly take the time to watch these as a family and create memories if you are together!)
Santa feeds the reindeer, Mr and Mrs Stix, who we believe help train the eight reindeer that pull the sleigh, at 11am, 6pm and 9pm EST.  He waves frequently at the kids, gives a jolly Ho Ho Ho (even though there is no sound which is a ok by me.  It’s fun to use our imaginations!), and even reads letters from the kids on camera.  My boys love it!  I almost think I love it more. (

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NORAD is ready to track Santa’s flight
The NORAD Tracks Santa website is a Christmas Eve Tradition for us.  We turn the computer on and watch Santa travel around the wold through the day.  We talk about the country he is in.  We read the facts NORAD presents about where is currently is.  It is a great lesson in geography as well as just fun to watch him move. 

But the site isn’t just for Christmas Eve.  You can head over there now ( and play some fun games leading up to his big day. 

So much anticipation!  So much fun!

Have you used either of these fun North Pole tools? Get right on that. You won’t regret it. It’s time to make some memories.

– Leanne from

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