The Year in Review – 2012 has a lot to offer the military family, from local military discounts, to stories of personal experience, and articles from reputable resources like the DoD, USAA, Community and Family Policy and so many more.

So what was important to our families this year?  Here are the Top 10 Articles on from the year 2012:

MilitaryAvenue’s Moving Checklist: A move isn’t complete without a checklist! It certainly is less stressful with one. Click on a link below to take you to the appropriate time frame and then skim the other lists to make sure you are on track for a great move.

Growing Up in the Military: A few years ago, a debate emerged on an Internet newsgroup for military brats about what kind of flower military children of military parents were most like. The consensus became the dandelion.

13 Tax Deductions You Can’t Ignore: Before tackling your tax return, brush up on this baker’s dozen of deductions that could cut your tax bill.

DeCA begins testing new Commissary Rewards Card: The Defense Commissary Agency is testing the Commissary Rewards Card that will soon allow customers to access and redeem digital coupons at all its stores.

DOD Announces 2013 Housing, Subsistence Allowance Rates: On Jan. 1, 2013, service members can expect to see an average increase of about $60 in their 2013 basic allowance for housing, Cheryl Anne Woehr, the BAH program manager, said Dec. 13.

Face of Defense: Marine Boxer Fights for Olympic Gold: After leading the U.S. boxing team in warm-ups yesterday, Marine Corps Sgt. Jamel Herring demonstrated the unique style and speed that may earn him an Olympic medal.

MSEP Jobs! Connecting Military Spouses to Employers: It’s finally here! An online portal that connects military spouses directly to employers who want to recruit, hire, retain and promote military spouses into current job openings at their facilities around the world.

Planning Ahead – 5 PCS Tips you can do now: Educate yourself and then Start Saving! Do you know about your PCS Allowances and Entitlements? Find out what they are and what you need to do to get the maximum reimbursement for your move. Dislocation Allowance, Move-In Housing Allowance, Monetary Allowance in lieu of Transportation and much more!

Service Members, Families, Get Free Pass to National Parks: Service members and their families will be able to enter all of America’s national parks free of charge for a year under an initiative announced today.

5 Social Networking Tips for Military Members: Here’s a scary war story: In 2007, when a fleet of new AH-64 Apaches arrived at a base in Iraq, several soldiers snapped shots of the choppers. Those images made their way online — along with the invisible meta data that gave away the compound’s precise location. Armed with that information, insurgents launched a mortar attack that destroyed four of the helicopters.

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