Going Banana Bread

Recipe ready, ingredients and apronsTuesdays with the Grands: Going Banana Bread

Tuesday morning started with a whirlwind of life… Stand back because the babes are about to enter! The choice was made to change the day from a day of pure babysitting into a time to cherish, capture with pictures, perhaps decorate the furniture create a memory.

For all the world, he looks like he is waving to his adoring fans,
or saluting the troops.  Either way, he owns the joint!
 Tuesday was rainy, not the misty sweet shower after the snow storms… but blustery, tree limb cracking flood stage rain. So a ride on the tractor, or a walk in the woods was not on the slate of activities.

Turn on the oven!

Whip out the cookbook. Roll up the sleaves.

Set the senses on a day of cooking with Grandma… and I’m talking about my memories now of Ingeborg’s kitchen in Teaneck, NJ. Did she ever turn off the oven? Were there ever too many loaves of bread, or trays of munke? I don’t think so.

Note to self… when I tell a two year old to add this measuring bowl full of flour… yep! In one gazillionth of a second, from over the shoulders arcing through the sky the bowl went in with the flour and might I add, with  great gusto and giggles. Oh this proved to be a good day!

Another note to self… I cannot chew gum and walk at the same time… so why did I think I could read the directions and chat with my eager chefs and add the correct amount of HOT water?
Oh Grandma… you’re slipping.

Move over Rachel Ray!So, after 1 cup of water was added instead of 1/4 cup… more flour, more eggs, and more butter went in as well. No more bananas to be found… so, we tried zucchini! No added sugar, as it usually is really sweet.

Creativity, moments never to be repeated in the exact order, perfection just wasn’t in the cards – or deck, or even the  neighborhood. We went for the product.

He is smelling the air and declared it delcious!
Smart cookie!We got it!   This product wasn’t tangible.. it was and is more than memorable.  We loved it… took the loaves home to their folks and they oohed and ahhed.

Wait! Perfection did happen. It was exactly the response the grands wanted.

I wonder what next Tuesday will hold, besides this loving armful.
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