Where is Your Gym?

Motivation and goals are keys to a healthy lifestyle; we read so much about physical fitness around this time of the year. New Year’s resolutions come and sometimes they are gone before the end of January. Some are even made and then forgotten before they are started. For many they include, “I will go the gym this many times (X) a week”.

Grinda joined me on my workout today!But physical fitness can be much easier than heading off to the gym and two of the biggest challenges are the time and location issue. Do you have time to get ready, drive to the gym, find the right equipment? Or maybe it is accessible but the time is just not right for you? The more difficult it becomes, the more your motivation is challenged.

Do the kids’ schedules or your work schedule make it hard to get there? I think we need to look again at what works for each of us. The military community is not much different than the American population as a whole. Except we do have PT tests for our active, reserve and guard folks which is motivation to help get that next promotion. What about our families? Many spouses are working and are unable to go to the gym with small kids in tow. Some gyms do have a kids’ area but dressing them, getting out the door and then … how many interruptions does it take before you give up?

While on active duty I did use the gym frequently due to its convenience. But now, I had to find a new gym and the local woods, trails and our garden have reduced the time it takes to get in a great workout. The winter time is tough in some parts of the country but with a warm jacket the outdoors becomes a great resource! I had some wonderful home made vegetable soup for lunch, went for a 3 mile hike in the woods and came back feeling refreshed and motivated for the next one.

In the late winter/ early spring we visit elderly parents in Florida and the sunshine adventures make my walks so worthwhile with a bit of pride on how far down the beach or road we can go. Our vegetable garden calls us on return for some great stretches and upper body work while moving fertilizer, rotor tilling, etc.; hikes up and down the steep hills while working flower beds work the lungs and heart, arms and legs get pounded with shovel work and with longer days the evening allows for more walks and relaxation.

Fall brings us to outdoor cleanup projects such as removing dead trees with my chain saw, stacking wood and canning and freezing vegetables from the garden. Each has its own workout benefit.

So how do you find the time to workout? Look around you and find a way to stretch out those legs. Taking the kids to ball practice?  Watch and walk around the sidelines – no need to sit in the bleachers.  Even a 20 minute walk is beneficial and maybe that is all you have time for today!  Find a simple path and make it work for you. It is not a resolution, it is a lifestyle. Just do it.
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