Awkward! Junior High Time to Step Forward

Junior High School… a wonderfully awkward time of life! Who are these kids?        Adults… no.        Little kids… no. On any given day they act like either one… or give an hour and they are flipping the switches and are both.

This was the first time in my life that I moved: changed school districts, changed me! I walked into the new school literally a head taller than any other girl and had that raw feeling of ”who in the world am I?”          Clueless.

Tonight in our Junior High Youth Group we are going to be talking about a timeline. Gaging where they were, where they are going and perhaps help with who they want to be. Desire is 99% of how we perceive ourselves.

On a white board the following chart will be drawn. Thoughts on the 7-8 graders and most of the high school and post graduation are left empty as they can fill me in better than I can tell them. Discussions are the best, and there are a few in the group who can really lead thoughts one way and others who will bring it back the other. Love it! Keep it alive and not as a perfect set of answers… life is not perfect, it is moving.
School Grades2-37-8GraduatePost HS Year2008201320182021 Attributes of:     Weight, height:40 – 60 (short)75-1004’8 to 5’390-160 (taller) Math Skills:Add 2 digit numbersMultiplication/Division  Run a budget Sports Skills:Rudiments of games  Know game, practice until it is natural   Interests:Play Outside   Responsibilities:Homework,Pick up clothes and toys,Come home for dinner  

Huge hurdles for K: leave home, learning colors, where’s the potty? Line up to leave the room. Raise hand
Responsibilities: wash hands, clean room, Listen and be polite.

Hurdles for 2-3: Learn multiplication, add 2 digit numbers, Recognize the main idea of a storyResponsibilities: play outside by self, come home for dinner. Do homework. Pick up clothes

7-8 Responsibilites(They will tell me)

12th Grade:Responsibility is to graduate(!), hold a job, apply to colleges or workplace, buy own clothing, save money.

Post High School:Need to find transportation, show up for class, or job, make your reputation onethat will carry you through to next class to be accepted into your field ofstudy – or keep you at a job.  Be a usefulcitizen.  Know and take care of yourneeds.  Keep open communication withfamily.

Plan your life asbest you can!  At no point is anyoneable to say, “This is exactly what will happen tomorrow, next week, next year,in 10 years… so on.”  But you can planfor what you want, and how you are going to get there.

Then along can come possible changes in the road… at anypoint in life from Junior High forward!

Children: Health,food, clothing, nurturing, sleepless nights, diapers, time, energy.

Marriage:Responsible for relationship with other person, children, health care,transportation, food and clothing.

What are youguidelines?   Where do you seek help?   Do youneed help?

What does it mean to find a mentor? Who has mentors?   Areyou weak if you need one? 

Hindrances: Why wouldyou?

Smoking: $ (Expensive), Bad breath, Bad teeth, Health hazard, Yellow fingers

Alcohol: Leads to missed work, Loss of driver’s license, $, Health hazard, Wasted time

Drugs: Illegal, $, Mind robbing, Wasted time… hence it is called being “wasted!”, loss of work, jail time, prison time.

Excess weight: $, Health hazard, Hard to find clothing, lack of self esteem, Lack of engergy.

These are addictions…with you forever, a label, a fact, a scar: your choices!

Isolation: How do you get out of this one?  Talk… ask a question and listen, ask a follow on question. Get away from the computer.It was agreed… life is scary.  Going alone is a poor choice.  Life is about choices.

Get to a place where folks are! Go to church! Fellowship… it’s a balm.

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