Some Tools to Help You Be Fit for Spring!

Time to get outside! For many Americans including our military community, winter means indoor workouts, hiding from the cold weather, snow, rain, storms and more.  A good challenge is always helpful for individuals to be ready for the next season. While winter storms pounded much of the country some parts of the country are far ahead with spring time flowers and warmer weather.

Spring brings outdoor activity and I found some interesting ways to stay active during winter this year! Yes, I know it is almost spring but I think these were good enough to tell you about so next winter you can be outside and be fit and ready for spring activities. 

The first one is not unique to winter but was an App for my phone that helped me track my workouts when hiking or walking.  A tech savvy son pointed this one out to me and I found it very helpful!  I am a numbers guy and like to compete with myself!  So seeing my workout result is fun and encourages me to continue.  It tracks distance, time, calories, route and provides voice updates as you pass every mile.  The calorie count is a general one and does not include the conditions you are hiking in such as temperature, surface conditions, etc.  It can be posted to social media such as Facebook and Twitter as well.  It keeps a log of your workouts so you can compare week to week activity to see improvement or need for more effort. 

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The second aid to keep me out doors and in shape was a piece of equipment that came from another son who had used these cleats on his shoes during the icy winter in Michigan. They were great and I found myself hiking with little concern of slipping on hills covered with snow and ice. They provide great traction and were comfortable to walk in and hike with during some harsh conditions.  

My mileage actually increased during the winter as I could get out in even the worst conditions and enjoy some of God’s beautiful nature while working out.  One morning while working outside in the snow I actually lost one and could not find it in the snow.  When I went to purchase a set I found out that a newer version had a strap to prevent a loss like mine.  I am sure when spring arrives the one I lost will be easy to spot.

The YAKTRAX are easy to slide over your hiking shoes.Newer version with strap

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I think I will be able to put the shoe cleats away soon with the arrival of spring but the gps phone application will be used all spring and summer long to keep me going after that next goal! 

Col K is a retired Air Force pilot who served with the best of the military community from the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Air Force. He flew combat rescue and special operations helicopters, fixed wing trainers and airlift and retired while flying the C-17 as the Vice Wing Commander of the 62nd Airlift Wing at McChord AFB. He enjoys writing about military issues and is a frequent contributor to the the DoD Blogger Roundtable at DoDLive. A member of a proud military family that created to support the troops and their families, he enjoys the continued military ties from blogging.  You could read more of his blogs oh fitness, health and the military lifestyle at MilitaryAvenue’s “Military-Family Blog” Col K. 

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