Your Heart and that Energy Drink

Too much of a “good thing”

I bought myself a tray of bakery cookies at the grocery store the other day under the guise that they were ‘peanut free’ so my 2 year old (with major confirmed allergies) could enjoy them while the rest of us dined on a nut-cake I bought for a group of friends.

Here’s the problem.  I have no self-control.  And I’ve been eating the cookies. all. week.  I stepped on the scale last night and Wowzers… I know who was eating the cookies.

The point… one cookie? No problem.  Two cookies? eh.  Three cookies?  Not healthy!

So how about those Energy Drinks you are consuming?

Nutritionist Explains How Energy Drinks Adversely Affect Heart Health

Did you know that the “The FDA is investigating serious adverse effects associated with energy drinks based upon reports of possibly related deaths and heart attacks.”

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The Human Performance Energy Center has a great page laying out the advantages and disadvantages of Energy Drinks: Dietary Supplements – Dietary Supplements Classification System – Class 8 (Yellow Zone) Supplements – Energy Drinks 

Then continue reading this blog at the Military Health System:
Nutritionist Explains How Energy Drinks Adversely Affect Heart Health
We are Americans and we have the freedom of choice but think about yourself.  Too much of something is not good for you!  Feeling run down?  Working hours, days, weeks to fight for those very freedoms? Find alternatives, balance.  Don’t sacrifice your own health.

– Leanne from

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