5 PCS Tips Before the Movers Arrive

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With PCS season quickly approaching, many military families will be moving worldwide.   Moving is known to be one of the most stressful events we encounter.  However, planning ahead can reduce unnecessary stress and help your move run smoothly.  Here is a list of tips that you can do in advance that will help eliminate some stress during your next PCS.

1.  Decide what items you will be packing and moving yourself then separate them from the rest of your household goods.

  • If you are moving overseas, make sure you keep your passports and other essential paperwork  out of sight from the packers.   As we all know, packers are known to pack the unexpected, and they have been known to pack  passports before.
  • Make sure you consider the weather and climate that you will be moving into and pack your clothing accordingly.
  • Pack a box of necessary items (toilet paper, soap, towels, toys, sleeping bags, inflatable beds, etc.) to have with you in the event you move into a home and have to wait on your household goods to be delivered.

2.  Make hotel reservations

  • Make sure you have reservations made beginning the night of your pack out.   A bed is great to sleep on after a long day of packing out.
  • Remember to make hotel reservations while traveling to your new duty station.
  • Temporary housing reservations can be made in advance and fill up quickly.  Make sure you make reservations as soon as possible to ensure you have a room.
  • Make sure you make accommodations for your pet.    Consider the no pet policy and make the appropriate accommodations. 

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3.  Make flight arrangements.

  • If flying to your new destination, make sure you book your flights after you receive your dates for your move. 
  • If you are flying with pets, make sure you contact the airlines to find out what the summer cut off dates are.  Many airlines will not fly pets in the heat of the summer.
  • Make arrangements for transportation the day of your flight

4.  Begin researching your next duty station and community.

  • Decide if you will be living on or off post.  The housing office can let you know if housing will be available or not.
  • If you will be living off post, find out your BAH rate and start looking online for available housing. and are great online resources offering available listings.
  • If living off post and you have school aged children, begin researching the local schools. and offer online information about schools in your new area.   Knowing which schools are right for your child will help determine where you may want to live.
  • Check out your area for registered sex offenders at

5.  Begin searching for jobs and send out updated resumes if you plan to work outside the home.

  • Many jobs are filled by military spouses and may be coming available.

6.  Begin organizing your household goods.

  • Before a pack out begins is the best time to get organized and to get rid of a lot of stuff.
  • Donate to your local thrift store if you do not have the time for a yard sale.

7.  Arrange for a babysitter the day of the pack out.   However have your children around some throughout the day.   It is important they be a part of the moving process.  Younger children can become overwhelmed and confused if they come home to a home that is already  packed up.Moving on to a new community can be a fun and exciting time, as well as stressful..  Learn about your  new community and know what it has to offer before you move.  Make sure you plan ahead and take the necessary steps to prevent adding stress to your next PCS.

Wanda is an Army wife of 15 years and mom attempting to raise 2 well rounded, grounded daughters.  She is the author at where she shares tips and tricks for decorating homes on a budget, home organization tips, and homemaking tips for the very busy mom.
 Thank you Wanda for your tips for our military community.  We look forward to more guest posts.
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