Our Summer Routine

The Summer Routine has started in Ohio.

School is out, the kids’ schedules have relaxed, thoughts of fun and sun have been churning in the minds of my boys.

However, this mom has other plans besides lazy days of summer all vacation long.

Usually, they are all up by 9am but once in awhile I get the joy of poking, prodding and maybe even some singing making a joyful noise.  That rallies the troops right up!  We get some breakfast, pour some (more) coffee and pull out summer-workbooks.  The (now) 3rd and 5th grader have some workbooks we bought through school (like we have done in years past – learn more) and I also found an inexpensive writing book they are using as well to help with their lack of creative energy.

Even the 2 year old gets some ‘workbook’ time by just sitting with his
brothers and coloring

You know the cool thing?  I don’t get push back!  I get excitement.  Excitement to start, excitement when they understand what is expected of them, excitement to have it finished.

After workbooks they do ‘Summer Jobs’ ( – a staple to my summer routine), then they have the opportunity to play some educational games on the web; favorite websites include:

… or they can read a book, practice multiplication, or write a letter to their oldest brother (who is at Ft Leonard Wood this summer).  This keeps them busy until noon and then after lunch they are free to play!  Free from the tyranny of Mom!  Free to be kids on summer break, smart kids but kids none the less!
 This structure is making for a very comfortable summer.  No “Mom I’m bored!”, not as much fighting, and I know that in the long run I’m keeping their brain busy which will help them in just a few short months when they are back in the class room. What do you do to keep your kids engaged?  Favorite websites?  Favorite Summer time activities?  I’d love to hear! – Leanne from
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